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Peripheral Arterial Disease
Risk factors
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Risk factors...
Factors that increase your risk of developing peripheral artery disease include:
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity (A Body Mass Index Over 30)
  • High Blood Pressure (140/90 Millimeters Of Mercury Or Higher)
  • High Cholesterol (Total Blood Cholesterol Over 240 Milligrams Per Deciliter, Or 6.2 Millimoles Per Liter)
  • Increasing Age, Especially After Reaching 50 Years Of Age
  • A Family History Of Peripheral Artery Disease, Heart Disease Or Stroke
  • High Levels Of Homocysteine, A Protein Component That Helps Build And Maintain Tissue People Who Smoke Or Have Diabetes Have The Greatest Risk Of Developing Peripheral Artery Disease Due To Reduced Blood Flow.
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