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Lymphatic Edema...
Lymphedema Refers To Swelling That Generally Occurs In One Of Your Arms Or Legs. Although Lymphedema Tends To Affect Just One Arm Or Leg, Sometimes Both Arms Or Both Legs May Be Swollen. Lymphedema Is Caused By A Blockage In Your Lymphatic System, An Important Part Of Your Immune And Circulatory Systems. The Blockage Prevents Lymph Fluid From Draining Well, And As The Fluid Builds Up, The Swelling Continues. Lymphedema Is Most Commonly Caused By The Removal Of Or Damage To Your Lymph Nodes As A Part Of Cancer Treatment. There's No Cure For Lymphedema, But It Can Be Controlled. Controlling Lymphedema Involves Diligent Care Of Your Affected Limb.

We Invite Prof. Waldermar Olzewaski Regularly For Our Lymphatic Edema Clinic. He Is Most Experienced Person In Lymphatic Edema Field. He Operates & Give Treatments To Our Clinic.
Dr Olzewaski Examining Pt Lymphatic Edema
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