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DVT Prevention
DVT Prevention: Exercise
DVT prevention methods center on the process of keeping good blood flow to your legs. Being active and avoiding long (about 2 to 3 hour) stretches of time at a desk or sitting immobile with legs bent is an excellent way to reduce the chance of developing a DVT. So take a break, get up, and stretch your legs and get them moving often during the day.
DVT Prevention: Travel Tips
There are some situations where you may have to be in a seated position for long periods of time (the dreaded overseas flight with stormy weather). Be prepared! Wear loose clothing and drink water to stay hydrated; these two methods will permit better blood circulation and less blood viscosity, respectively. Also, keep your legs active even while seated by stretching, flexing your calf muscles, lifting your legs and thighs up and down, and wiggling all your toes. If you are permitted to get out of your seat for a short time, try to do so every 2 hours. After you arrive, exercise! These methods should help people avoid getting a DVT.
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